Bedfordshire Sightings 2010

December 2010

24th: A Small Tortoiseshell was flying round the bar of The Engine pub in Henlow (PG).

November 2010

No reports in November.

October 2010

8th: 11 Red Admirals, 1 Comma and 2 Small Coppers in the memorial garden at The Lodge (IKD,DFD).

7th: 2 Comma and 1 rather faded Speckled Wood at Linslade New Wood (BH).

9 Red Admirals on asters in the memorial garden at The Lodge (VT).

Red Admiral on the Carthagena golf course (ST).

6th: 1 Red Admiral at Totternhoe Quarry (KB,HW,ST).

5th: A single Red Admiral on Ivy at The Riddy for two hours (RL).

September 2010

30th: 7 Small Coppers, 1 Red Admiral and 1 Comma at The Lodge (ED/IKD,DFD).

29th: 8 Small Coppers at The Lodge (IKD,DFD).

28th: 17 (seventeen!) Small Coppers at The Lodge, on yarrow flowers on grassland between drive in front of house and ha-ha at 1300 (IKD,DFD).

22nd: 2 Comma, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 whites, 1 male Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus and 1 Peacock at Ledburn Rd sand pit, Linslade (BH,RM)

20th: 1 male Brimstone, 3 Large Whites and 1 Small White in Stopsley (BE,VE).

21st: Several Small Coppers and Small Heaths on old heath and also a late Meadow Brown at The Lodge (IKD,DFD)

16th: 2 Small Coppers by pond in front of house and 3 Red Admirals on Buddleias at The Lodge. (IKD, DFD)

9th: Male Brimstone, 2 Small Coppers, Red Admiral, Comma and Green-veined White in the Lodge gardens. (IKD, DFD)

8th: Just one Green-veined White and one Small White during a 30 minute lunchtime walk at Priory Country Park! (KB).

7th: 8+ Small Coppers chasing each other around the old heath at The Lodge (NW).

2nd: Speckled Wood, Red Admiral and Small White on buddleia at BRCC office in Old Warden (RL).

1st: Tatty male Silver-washed Fritillary still on the wing in Chicksands Wood (RR).

August 2010

30th: A battered Silver-washed Fritillary, and latish Gatekeeper and Large Skipper on the wing in Chicksands Wood (SP).

A Small Tortoiseshell in a Wilden garden, the first seen by the observer for months (NW).

28th: On the Old Warden Tunnel transect were 12 Speckled Wood, 4 Brown Argus, 12 Common Blue, 5 Small Heath, 6 Small White. Nice to see BA back again and doing well, and good SH numbers. Also 1 fresh Brimstone, the first new brood that I've seen. No new brood Peacocks - I've only seen a couple this July/August. (Note how few reported below). I wonder why they have declined? (KB).

27th: Three different Silver-washed Fritillaries photographed in Chicksands Wood (RV).

24th: Two males and one female Silver-washed Fritillaries in Chicksands Wood (RV).

Fresh Comma in The Lodge gardens (IH).

21st: On Galley Hill there were 5m and 2f Chalkhill Blue (DS).

20th: 1 Comma, 8 Small Heath, 8 Meadow Brown, 3 Speckled Wood, 1 Ringlet, 9 Gatekeeper, 3 Small Copper, 8 Large White, 92 Common Blue all males, in Maulden, path behind semi-detached houses (BE&VE).

18th: At The Lodge were two Holly Blues in the border behind the house and a Brown Argus on the lavender at the shop (MW).

16th: Small Copper,Common Blue and Gatekeepers on the old heath at The Lodge (NW).

At least two Brimstones and two Holly Blues in the flower bed (IH).

1 Holly Blue, 1 Comma, 2 Speckled Wood, 1 Red Admiral, 40 Small/Green-veined White, 2 Large White, 12 Ringlet, 10 Gatekeeper, 1 possible Small Blue, a distant wanderer from the Chalk, all between Maulden village and Maulden Wood (CG).

15th: Approx 235 Common Blue in a Ravensden field this afternoon, including several copulating couples, plus Brown Argus & Small Copper (NW).

1 Comma, 2 Large Skipper, 4 Silver-washed Fritillary, 4 Speckled Wood, 4 Red Admiral, 1 Ringlet, 2 Small White, 2 Gatekeeper, 1 Small/Essex Skipper, 5 Common Blue, 5 Large White, 1 Painted Lady, 3 Peacock in Chicksands Wood (AB&MB).

1 female and 4 male Silver-washed Fritillaries in Chicksands Wood (DS).

12th: A Silver-washed Fritillary seen on buddleia at the BRCC ofice in Old Warden (RL).

9th: 1 Brimstone, 1 Brown Argus, 18 Common Blue, 12 Gatekeeper, 10 Green-veined White, 2 Holly Blue, 1 Large Skipper, 3 Large White, 6 Meadow Brown, 5 Peacock, 6 Purple Hairstreak, 8 Ringlet, 5 Silver-washed Fritillary, 1 Small Blue, 1 Small Skipper, 6 Small White, 14 Small/Green-veined White, 2 Speckled Wood in King's Wood Heath and Reach. (BH,RM). [The Small Blue was photograped - an unusual place to find one - KB]

Female Wall Brown seen at Rookery Pit South (DS).

Male Silver-washed Fritillary seen on buddleia at the BRCC ofice in Old Warden in the company of 2 Red Admiral, 3 Small White and a Comma (RL).

16 species of butterfly seen at Chicksands Wood during the afternoon including at least 10 Silver-washed Fritillary and 7 White-letter Hairstreak (NW).

8th: 10 Brown Argus, 15 Chalkhill Blue, 1 Comma, 15 Common Blue, 40 Gatekeeper, 6 Meadow Brown, 5 Small Heath, 1 Small Skipper on Pegsdon Hills (EW & AW).

1 Brimstone, 1 Comma, 20 Common Blue, 5 Gatekeeper, 3 Large Skipper, 5 Large White, 2 Meadow Brown, 1 Peacock, 2 Red Admiral, 2 Ringlet, 5 Small Copper, 3 Speckled Wood in Maulden WOod/Heath (A&MB,D&SM)

1 Brown Argus, 10 Common Blue, 2 Gatekeeper, 1 Holly Blue, 2 Large White 2 Small Copper in Cooper's Hill (A&MB)

2 Common Blue, 2 Large Skipper, 5 Large White, 2 Peacock, 4 Silver-washed Fritillary in Chicksands Wood (A&MB)

3rd: 16 species at Chicksands Wood including 5 Silver-washed Fritillary, including a mating pair (SP).

1st: 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Large White, 1 Speckled Wood in a Stopsley Garden (VE&BE).

1 Brown Argus. 6 Chalkhill Blue, 1 Common Blue, 1 Large Skipper, 4 Large White, 2 Meadow Brown at Sharpenhoe Clappers (AB&DB)

665 Chalkhill Blues in the Moleskin area alone during DC's Sharpenhoe Clappers Transect (775 overall).

July 2010

30th: 1 Wall Brown on the eastern edge of Rookery Pit South (LC).

1 Small Copper on the Carthagena golf course (ST).

A fresh Painted Lady in a Shillington garden (GB).

A White-letter Hairstreak in Linslade Wood (RM).

A White-letter Hairstreak, numerous Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus, 2 Large Skipper, 3 Comma, 1 Essex Skipper, 1 Peacock, numerous Small White Green-veined White and Large Whites, 1 Red Admiral abundant Meadow Brown, 1m 1f Brimstone, abundant Ringlet and, most abundant of all, Gatekeeper in Clapham Park Wood (AM).

In a Clifton garden were 1 Comma, 4 Holly Blue, 6 Small White, 2 Large White, 1 Red Admiral (AO).

29th: Over 350 Common Blues at the small Dropshort Marsh NR (JP).

28th: A Clouded Yellow in Wigmore Park (south Luton) (MR).

2 Comma, 2 Peacock, 2 Silver-washed Fritillary, 2 Speckled Wood, 6 White-letter Hairstreak in Chicksands Wood (CG).

27th: A Silver-washed Fritillary in Stevington (BM).

Over 40 Purple Hairstreaks around the canopy in Linslade Wood (JK & BH).

Hundreds of Chalkhill Blue at Sharpenhoe Clappers. A few Dark Green Fritillary still flying (KB).

25th: 8 Comma, 2 Common Blue, 10 Common Blue, 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Green-veined White, 5 Large Skipper, 2 Large White, 2 Meadow Brown, 5 Peacock, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Ringlet, 2 Small White, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 White Admiral on the main ride at Maulden Wood (AB&MB).

A Silver-washed Fritillary in a Stotfold garden (LS).

At least three Silver-washed Fritillary in Chicksands Wood (AM).

24th: 3 Comma, 1 Common Blue, 10 Gatekeeper, 1 Holly Blue, 2 Large Skipper, 4 Large White, 1 Marbled White, 6 Meadow Brown, 4 Peacock, 1 Purple Hairstreak, 3 Red Admiral, 18 Ringlet, 6 Small Copper, 2 Small Skipper, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Small White, 1 White Admiral in King's Wood NNR (CD).

18th: On the BC field trip to King's Wood, Heath and Reach we saw 22 species. In the order encountered they were Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Large White, Small Copper, Essex Skipper, Marbled White, Small Skipper, Gatekeeper, Large Skipper, Silver-washed Fritillary (7), Red Admiral (6), Comma (10), White Admiral (14), Green-veined White, Brimstone, Purple Hairstreak (5), Brown Argus (1), Common Blue (2), Small White, Speckled Wood, Purple Emperor (2 sightings), Peacock (1). (KB).

17th: 1 Purple Emperor, 4 White Admiral and at least 7 White-letter Hairstreaks in Chicksands Wood (DO & SO).

12th: 1 Gatekeeper, 4 Large Skipper, 1 Large White, 2 Marbled White, 6 Meadow Brown, 52 Ringlet, 5 Small/Green-veined White, 2 Speckled Wood at Duck End NR (DW).

1 Purple Emperor in Chicksands Wood (SB).

11th: 1 Silver-washed Fritillary and 2 Purple Emperor in Chicksands Wood (SB).

10th: 1 Purple Emperor, 2 White Admiral, 1 White-letter Hairstreak in Chicksands Wood (DS).

3 Silver-washed Fritillary in Chicksands Wood (JP).

1 Silver-washed Fritillary, 2 White Admiral and 5 White-letter Hairstreak in Chicksands Wood (SB).

2 Silver-washed Fritillary and 1 White Admiral in Wilstead Wood (GW & AW).

9th: 2 Brimstone, 3 Comma, 30 Green-veined White, 2 Large Skipper, 30 Large White, 40 Meadow Brown, 1 Red Admiral, 60 Ringlet, 1 Silver-washed Fritillary, 6 Small Skipper, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Speckled Wood, 26 White Admiral in West Wood (EW &AW).

1 Painted Lady at Flitton Moor (AD & GC)

4 Holly Blue, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Ringlet, 1 Small Tortoiseshell in a Bedford Garden (AD).

8th: The first Chalkhill Blues were spotted at Knocking Hoe NNR (GB).

1 Speckled Wood, 1 White Admiral, 1 White-letter Hairstreak in Linslade New Woods (BH & RM).

3 Purple Emperor, several White-letter Hairstreak and a Silver-washed Fritillary in Chicksands Wood (IW).

1 Dark Green Fritillary and a possible Large Tortoiseshell at Knocking Hoe (DC).

7th: 1 Gatekeeper, 6 Meadow Brown, 10 Ringlet, 1 Small White at East Hyde (DA)

6th: About five Purple Emperors in Chicksands Wood, many males taking up minerals from the ride in the morning, including an aberrant. Photos on Blog (IW).

2 Comma, 2 Green-veined White, 11 Large Skipper, 1 Large White, 2 Marbled White, 10 Meadow Brown, 2 Purple Hairstreak, 48 Ringlet, 4 Silver-washed Fritillary, 1 Small Skipper, 4 Small/Green-veined White, 5 Speckled Wood, 13 White Admiral in King's Wood, Heath and Reach (BH&TC)

5th: 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Large Skipper, 3 Large White, 3 Meadow Brown, 65 Ringlet, 1 Small Skipper, 4 Small Tortoiseshell in Ledburn Lane Sand Pit (BH).

4th: 2 Silver-washed Fritillary and 11 White Admiral in King's Wood, Heath and Reach (BH&RW).

Sorry for the lack of updates during the last two weeks. This was due to my computer dying, which made updates rather tricky! I'm back on-line again now. Keith.

3rd: 4 White Admirals, 2 White-letter Hairstreaks, 2 hutchinsoni Commas, 1 Red Admiral, 12 Speckled Wood, 175 Ringlet, 11 Meadow Brown, 1 Green-veined White, 18 Large Skipper and 1 Small Tortoiseshell in Chicksands Wood. No Purple Emperor seen, though did meet someone who said one had been reported (details?) in the morning, hence more humans than usual in the wood. (KB).

Approx 15 Dark Green Fritillary, 2 Essex Skipper, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and Marbled White, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small Heath, Small Skipper and Speckled Wood at Sharpenhoe Clappers (DW&MW).

2nd: Marbled White, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Small Copper, Small Skipper and Meadow Brown all flying at The Lodge (IKD, DFD).

A Dark Green Fritillary was on the edge of Barton Hills NNR (AR).

A Black Hairstreak was still flying at Marston Thrift today, along with 7 Large Skippers, 5 Speckled Wood and about 50 Ringlets (JK).

1st: Painted Lady seen at The Lodge (IKD,DFD).
1 Meadow Brown, 20 Ringlet and 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Toddington (SB).

June 2010

30th: The first White Admiral of the season, at Maulden Wood (CG).

1 Red Admiral on the 1st green at John O'Gaunt Golf Course. 11 Speckled Woods and a Small Skipper elsewhere on the course. (ST)

Approx 8 White-letter Hairstreaks in Home Wood, Northill (RW).

29th: In Linslade New Woods were 11 Large Skipper, 1 Large White, 3 Marbled White, 23 Meadow Brown, 46 Ringlet, 1 Small Skipper 1 Small Tortoiseshell 3 Speckled Wood (BH).

27th: A male Orange Tip still flying in the walled garden at East Hyde (DS).

26th: Black Hairstreak seen in two separate places in Marston Thrift, one definite sighting at each (KB).
2 White-letter Hairstreaks, the first of the season, near Potton (CC & HM)

24th: 1 Marbled White at Clophill (RD).

22nd: 1 Black Hairstreak seen on the main ride of Marston Thrift (DS).

21st: The first 5 Dark Green Fritillaries at Sharpenhoe Clappers this morning (PG).

15 Common Blue, 6 Large Skipper, 8 Marbled White, 6 Meadow Brown, 2 Orange Tip, 4 Small Heath, 4 Small Skipper, 8 Speckled Wood at Bromham Lake LNR (TW & AM).

Also reported from Bromham Lake LNR 1 Brimstone, 8 Large Skipper, 5 Marbled White, 4 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Heath, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Speckled Wood (CR).

20th: The first Ringlet has finally turned up, a week to ten days later than the last two years, in Claphampark Wood, in the presence of 6 Meadow Brown, Common Blue and Speckled Wood (AM).

17th: 1 Red Admiral and 1 Holly Blue seen by Priory Country Park lake at lunchtime. Fresh Small Tortoiseshell in the Wildlife Garden (KB).

16th: 4-5 Black Hairstreaks seen in Marston Thrift (IW).
3 Small Heaths at The Lodge (CC).

15th: 1 Red Admiral on Maulden Heath, plus 1 Common Blue, 4 Large Skippers, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Orange Tip and 1 Small Copper (KB).
Fresh Small Tortoiseshell on Knave Hill, Linslade (BH).

13th: The first Meadow Brown reported was on the Potton Wood transect (IW).

12th: 1 Painted Lady at Sandy SMith NR (KB).

5th: 1 Painted Lady at Caddington (JC).

2nd: The first Large Skippers were spotted today, one between Dunstable and Kensworth (JC) and the other in Claphampark Wood (AM).
An old and bedraggled Clouded Yellow arrived at Wild Britain in Wilden and was also seen there on the 3rd (AG).

May 2010

26th: At Knocking Hoe were approximately 26 Dingy Skipper, some Green Hairstreak and approx 135 Common Blue, freshly emerged, mating and laying (EG&AM).

25th: At Sewell Cutting were 4 Dingy Skipper, 1 Green Hairstreak, 5 Small Blue, 1 Small Copper, 25 Common Blue, 2 Brown Argus, 4 Brimstone, 5 Orange Tip, 1 Green-veined White, 1 Small White and 1 Speckled Wood (DC).

At Sharpenhoe Clappers & Moleskin were 8 Dingy Skipper, 4 Green Hairstreak, 2 Small Blue, 1 Holly Blue, 88 Common Blue, 15 Brown Argus, 6 Orange Tip, 3 Green-veined Whites, 1 Small White, 1 Large White, 4 Speckled Wood, 7 Small Heath and 1 Peacock (DC).

24th: On the Dunstable Downs transect were 4 Small Blue. None were seen on the transect last year (WP).

23rd: At Totternhoe Quarry were 6 Brimstone, 12 Dingy Skipper, 9 Duke of Burgundy, 1 Green Hairstreak and lots of Small Blue (JS&SS).

In a field near to Totternhoe Quarry were 20 Common Blue, 1 Dingy Skipper, 5 Large White, 2m Orange Tip, 1 Small Heath (ES).

At a private site in TL06, visited with permission, were 22 Grizzled Skippers and 6 Green Hairstreaks, the latter were especially interesting as they don't appear to have been recorded in this 10km square before (KB).

At Claphampark were were 2 Holly Blue, the first seen there since 2008 (AM).

At Sewell Cutting were 3 Dingy Skippers, 2 Brown Argus, 1 Small Copper, Common Blues and numerous Small Blues (DS).

22nd: The ongoing Wildlife Trust survey work at Totternhoe Quarry today produced a total count of 29 Duke of Burgundy, possibly the highest ever count for the site. There were also very large number of Dingy Skippers (CL).

At Bromham Lake LNR were 1 Holly Blue, 2 Small Heath, 1 Brimstone, 3 Speckled Wood, 1 Common Blue, 2 Small White, 1 Orange Tip and 2 Peacocks (CR).

21st: 2 Wall Browns seen in Rookery Pit (RN).

20th: 4 Dingy Skipper, 2 Green Hairstreak, 2 Small Copper, 3m Orange Tip, 1 Large White, 1 Small White, 1m Brimstone, 1 Peacock, 2 Speckled Woods at Sandhouse Lane NR (AW).

5 Grizzled Skippers but no Wall Browns seen at Rookery Pit (JP).

19th: One each of Small White, Peacock and Brimstone at Bromham Lake LNR (CR).
1 Small Heath, 1 Common Blue, 2 Large White, 2 Speckled Wood, 9m 1f Orange Tip, 1 Holly Blue, 6m 1f Brimstone at Sharpenhoe Clappers (BE&VE).
In the southern half of Sundon Chalk Pit SSSI were : 2 Small Blue, 1 Common Blue and 2 Dingy Skippers (JT).
2 Small White, 2 Large White, 1 Dingy Skipper, 1 Peacock, 2 Brimstones at Harlington Hill Chalk Pit (PG).
In Sundon Chalk Pits were 2 Orange Tip, 1 Holly Blue, 2 Grizzled Skipper, 4 Dingy Skipper, 2 Small Blue, 1 Common Blue, 3 Brimstone, 5 Small White (PG).
On Bison Hill were 4 Duke of Burgundy, together with Holly Blue, Green Hairstreaks, Grizzled Skippers and a Small Copper (DC).

18th: 2f 1m Brimstone, 15 Dingy Skippers, 1f Duke of Burgundy, 5 Green Hairstreaks, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Large White, 1f 6m Orange Tip, 5 Peacock, 6 Small Blue, 1 Small Heath, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Small White and 2 Speckled Woods in the Totternhoe area (DM).
2 Green Hairstreaks, 2 Small Blue, 6 Small Heath and 4 Common Blue at Kenworth Quarry (PG).
5 Grizzled Skippers and a Wall Brown in Rookery Pit (AW).
3 Grizzled Skipper at Sharnbrook Summit and 4 at Wymington Meadow. 3 Grizzled Skipper eggs found on Agrimony. Also a Red Admiral investigating nettles, but no egg found (KB).

17th: Brimstone, 2m Common Blue, 3 Dingy Skippers, 1 Green Hairstreak, Orange Tip, 1 Peacock, 2m 1f Small Blue, 1 Small Heath and Small White in the Totternhoe area (DW).
1 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Copper and 1 Peacock at The Lodge (CC).

16th: Had searched for Grizzled Skipper in seemingly-perfect habitat in Willington for the last six or seven years, and finally found it there today. Also present was a male Common Blue (KB).
1 Brimstone, 8 Green-veined Whites, 2f 1m Orange Tip, 5 Peacocks, 5 unidentified whites, 2 Speckled Wood in Potton Wood (CC).

15th: 3 Brown Argus and 1 Small Heath, 1 Dingy Skipper and 1 Small Copper at Sandy Smith NR. 1 Small Tortoiseshell nearby in old elephant cage site (KB).
2f and 4m Brimstones, 1 Comma, 1 Dingy Skipper, 6 Green-veined Whites, 1m Holly Blue, 5m and 3f Orange Tips, 2 Peacocks, 4 Small Whites, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Small Coppers and 1 Small Blue in Sewell Cutting (BS,AS,ES,TD).
A "99.9% probable" Painted Lady seen at Barton Hills (AR).
9 Brimstones, 2 Duke of Burgundy, 1 Green Hairstreak, 2 Holly Blue, 4 Large White, 10 Orange Tip, 2 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Speckled Wood at Totternhoe Knolls (HL&CL).

13th: The first Small Blue reported from Totternhoe Quarry, along with 7 Duke of Burgundy, 4 Dingy Skipper, 1 Large White, 1 Small White, 4 Brimstones, 4 Orange Tips, 1 Green Hairstreak, 1 Peacock and 3 Speckled Woods (DG&AW).

11th: 9 Dingy Skippers, 2 Grizzled Skippers and 3 Green Hairstreaks on the SW shoreline of Stewartby Lake. No other butterflies seen. (KB).

10th: 1 Small Copper at The Lodge (CC).
3 Green Hairstreaks, 4 Dingy Skippers, 3 Grizzled Skippers and 1 Duke of Burgundy seen on a trip to Totternhoe Quarry and Dunstable Downs (IW&WP).
1 Duke of Burgundy seen on Bison Hill (KT).

9th: 1f Brimstone and 1 Duke of Burgundy at Bison Hill (KS&SS).
A Grizzled Skipper seen on the SE edge of Thurleigh airfield (SB).

6th: 2f and 8m Orange Tips, 1m Brimstone, 1f Holly Blue and 18 Speckled Woods along the foot of Warden Hill (BE&VE).

2nd: An almost full-grown small white caterpillar was found munching a kale leaf in a garden today. "I had none on the plants when they were growing last summer and autumn because I kept them well covered with netting. Where could it have come from this early? I've only seen one small white in the garden so far this year, and that was as recently as 27th April. I removed the netting on 12th October; Could a late visiting butterfly have laid an egg after that which then survived the relatively hard winter?" (JF).

1st: The first Dingy Skippers (2) at Totternhoe Quarry, but no Grizzled or Dukes or Green Hairstreak seen (AM).

April 2010

30th: 1 Holly Blue, 1 Small White, 2 Small Coppers, 1 Peacock, 1 Speckled Wood and 1 Large White at The Lodge (CC).

28th: 1 female Brimstone, 2 Small/Green-veined Whites, 2 Large Whites, 4 Orange Tips, 1 Peacock, and 1 Small Copper at The Lodge (CC).

27th: 2 Green Hairstreaks, 1 Large White, 1 Small White, 4 Duke of Burgundys, plus additional Brimstones, Small Tortoiseshells, Speckled Woods and Peacocks at Totternhoe Quarry (SB).
One male Holly Blue in Linslade (BH&RM).
4f and 3m Brimstones, 1f and 3m Orange Tips, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Small White and 2 Speckled Woods on the edge of Stopsley (BE&VE).
3f and 1m Brimstones, 5f and 3m Orange Tips, and 2 Small Tortoiseshells in the WHite Hill Farm area (BE&VE).
1 Large White and 1 Speckled Wood at The Lodge (NW).
Along Dunton Green Lane in total were: 10 Brimstones (all males), 7 Green-veined Whites including a female laying on Garlic Mustard, 15m and 1f Orange Tips, 6 Speckled Woods, 2 Peacocks, 1 Holly Blue and oodles of unidentified whites. Near Eyeworth church was a Small Tortoiseshell (KB).

24th: One male Holly Blue in Linslade Wood (BH).
An unusual sighting of a Grizzled Skipper in Chicksands Wood (CW). [It is five years since the last sighting there].

23rd: 11 Green Hairstreaks and a single Grizzled Skipper at Marston Vale Millennium County Park (AW). [Green Hairstreak seems to be having a good season at this site].

22nd: A Peacock in the Priory Country Park wildlife garden (RB).
4 Green Hairstreaks at Marston Vale Millennium County Park (JK).

21st: Two Holly Blues in a Bedford garden (AD).
1 Holly Blue, 2f and 1m Orange Tips and 2 Peacocks in Fairfield, Biggleswade (AA).

19th: On route from Totternhoe Quarry, where no butterflies were seen, to Totternhoe Knolls, the weather picked up and 10 Holly Blues, 6 Speckled Woods, 4 Orange Tips, 2 Brimstones, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Peacock (AM&GM).

18th: The first Green Hairstreak reported from Knocking Hoe, along with 3 male and 1 female Brimstone, 3 Peacocks, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Speckled Wood (KB).
The first Grizzled Skipper spotted on the Dunstable Downs transect (WP).

17th: The first Small Copper reported from Chicksands Wood (TL1040) along with 11 Peacocks, 1 Comma, 5 Brimstones and 3 Green-veined Whites; in TL0939 were 9 Peacocks, 2 Commas, 2 Brimstones and 2 Green-veined Whites; and in TL1039 were 6 Peacocks, 4 Commas, 2 Brimstones, 2 Green-veined Whites and one male Orange Tip (AB&MB).
The first Holly Blues seen in a Linslade garden (MS).
Brimstone-1, Green-veined White-1, Orange Tip-3 and Speckled Wood-2 seen at Glebe Meadows and Arlesey Old Moat (MB).
1 Comma, 3 male Brimstones, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 8 Speckled Woods including a pair, 4 Small Whites and a Peacock on the old rail track between Cardington and Old Warden (CD&RM).
4 female and 6 male Brimstones, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 3 male Orange Tips, 4 Small Whites and a Peacock at Sharpenhoe Clappers (CD&RM).
1 Small Tortoiseshell and a male Orange Tip at Duck End NR (LC).
1 Peacock and a male Orange Tip in a Toddington garden (SB).

16th: Plenty of Orange Tips in an Ampthill garden today (SG).

13th: The first Speckled Woods of the season reported today, from Swiss Gardens (IW); the edge of Luton (BE&VE) and Duck End NR (LC).
An Orange Tip, 2 Commas, and 4 Peacocks at Duck End NR (LC).
An Orange Tip near Potton Church (AD).

11th: The first Orange Tip at Duck End NR, along with 2 Commas and 2 Peacocks (LC).

10th: A lovely day resulted in the expected first sightings of all the Whites:
Small White was spotted in Claphampark Wood being harrased by two Brimstones (AM).
A small or green-veined white in Willington eluded ID by flying over a hedge (KB).
On Blow's Down were 14 Commas, 1 male Brimstone, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 33 Peacocks and a Large White (AS).
On Pegdson Hills were 1 Green-veined White, 7 Commas, 2 female and 8 male Brimstones, 15 Peacocks and 2 Small Whites (AS).
A Green-veined White on Cooper's Hill, together with 2 Peacocks and a Brimstone (AB&MB)

8th: 2 female Brimstones and 8 males, along with 2 Small Tortoiseshells and 1 Red Admiral in Harrold-Odell CP (BE&VE).
2 male Brimstones and 1 Small Tortoiseshell in a Luton garden (BE&VE).
1 Comma and 1 Peacock in Priory CP wildlife garden (RB).
In Chicksands wood TL1040, today were Peacock-11, Comma-4 and Brimstone-3. In TL1039 were Peacock-3 and Comma-2. A Brimstone was nearby at Haynes Church End (AB).
2 Brimstones and a Peacock seen during a lunchtime walk in Colworth estate, Sharnbrook (HM-H).

6th: 2 male Brimstones and 1 Peacock in a Luton garden (BE&VE).
Loads of Brimstones, Commas and Peacocks in Claphampark Wood today (AM).
On the Old Warden Tunnel transect were 2 Commas, 2 Peacocks and 3 Brimstones (KB).
1 Peacock on Cooper's Hill (KB).

March 2010

30th: A high-speed Red Admiral whizzed through Sandy Pinnacle today (RL).

24th: 5 Commas and 3 Peacocks in Chicksands Wood this afternoon (IW).
1 Comma, 2 Brimstones and a Small Tortoiseshell in a Luton garden (BE&VE).
1 male Brimstone and 1 Small Tortoiseshell in Toddington (SB).
1 Small Tortoiseshell at the Riddy (RL).
1 Red Admiral on Pieris at the Lodge (MD).

23rd: 1 Peacock at Warren Villas (RL).
A Comma in Blunham (TS).

21st: A Brimstone in Woodside (JC).
2 Commas in the TL0939 square of Chicksands Wood (AB&MB).
A Small Tortoiseshell on Wigmore Common (AB).
A Small Tortoiseshell at Dunstable STW (AW).
A Small Tortoiseshell and a Comma in Vandyke Rd Cemetery, Leighton Buzzard (AW&AW).

18th: A Peacock at the gate of Duck End NR (JP).
A Small Tortoiseshell and a Brimstone in a Luton garden (MM).

17th: A Peacock at John O'Gaunt Golf Club (ST).
A Brimstone on Cooper's Hill and a Peacock in Ampthill Park (SP).

16th: Brimstone and a Peacock in Marston Vale Millennium Country Park (SG).
The day-flying moths which look a bit like butterflies, Orange Underwing and the very similar Light Orange Underwing have started to fly, spotted in Potton Wood (IW). Reports of these two species should be sent to the macro moth recorders. Identification can be aided by noting the species of tree present.
A Comma in Wharley End (DA).

15th: A Small Tortoiseshell in Linslade (BH).
Lots of Brimstones around today: one in Wrestlingworth (IW); one in Blunham (TS&NP); one in Upper Caldecote (AW); one in Linslade (MS).
A Comma spotted in Press Mead, Priory Country Park (JB).

2nd: Butterflies voted for spring today with several reports:
Two male Brimstones and one Small Tortoiseshell were enjoyed by Wildlife Trust volunteers working on Ravensburgh bank (private part of Barton Hills NNR). The brimstones were very active in and around a bramble patch and the tortoiseshell was riding air currents for up to 20 seconds without flapping.
A fresh-looking Comma was active in lunchtime sunshine at Hatter's Way retail park in Luton (CLB).
A Red Admiral was seen in Rothsay Rd, Bedford, feeding on the flower of Sarcococca (AD).
A large Nymphalid, either Red Admiral or Peacock, was seen briefly in flight on Galley and Warden Hills (EC).
Another Small Tortoiseshell in Leighton Buzzard (AW).
A Red Admiral in the wildlife Garden in Priory Country Park (ND&AB)
A Red Admiral in JF's garden (Stopsley?).
A Peacock was spotted at Sandy Smith NR by the Greensand Trust volunteers at about 11am.
A Small Tortoiseshell was seen feeding on grape hyancinth in Sandy (JA).

1st: A Red Admiral along the New Cut, Priory Country Park, Bedford (JB).

February 2010

27th: A Peacock ventured out to sun itself on the edge of Great Early Grove Wood, Renhold (EW&AW).
A Red Admiral was seen feeding on heathers in Bedford (MB)

January 2010

The only butterfly reports in January were of a Small Tortoiseshell flying around in a Cranfield kitchen on 10th (DP), and a Peacock hibernating inside a disused shop in Biggleswade on 22nd (RL) - it wasn't clear if it was still alive.

Nothing was spotted on the wing outdoors in Jan - not surprising given the weather.