Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus)

Typical underside
Typical underside
The spots on this species are variable. This is form <i>arete</i>.
The spots on this species are variable. This is form arete.

NERC Act S41: Not listed
Local status: Colonial, common and widespread. One of our most abundant species.
Size: Medium.
Larval foodplant: Various grasses
No. of broods: One
Flight time(s): Mid June to early August
Winter: Larva
Habits: Flies low over grassland, along hedges and ride edges, but can also commonly be seen in trees.
Will fly on dull days and even in light rain. Its flight is more bouncy than Meadow Brown's, as though suspended by elastic.
Habitats: Unimproved grassland, brown-field sites, road verges and woodland rides.

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