Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria)

Female. (Body length shorter than male).
Female. (Body length shorter than male).
Unusual to see this species feeding on flowers
Unusual to see this species feeding on flowers

NERC Act S41: Not listed
Local status: Common and widespread.
Size: Medium.
Larval foodplant: A wide range of grasses
No. of broods: Usually three, but as they can overlap it may seem continuously brooded. Four may occur in a hot year.
Flight time(s): Early April to late September. Numbers fall and rise as one brood fades into another, but numbers gradually build throughout the year.
Winter: Uniquely this species can overwinter as either larva or pupa.
Habits: Males perch in dappled sunlight, holding small territories. They may also patrol, looking for females. Rarely seen feeding on flowers. They normally feed out-of-sight on honeydew.
Habitats: Woodland, scrub, mature hedgerows, parks and even wooded gardens. Anywhere that provides dappled sun.

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